Survey consumers.

Make better decisions.

PeopleFish empowers you to survey your target market. Your questions, real responses, data-driven answers.

PeopleFish makes it easy to survey your target market. Rather than waste time & money with confusing survey apps, just tell us who you're targeting and we'll take over from there.

Use your own survey, or have us help you design the right one.

Survey research for startups, marketers, and more.

"PeopleFish has changed the way we make decisions. No more guessing. Now we pitch questions to targeted consumers before any and every product launch."

Daniel R. | Product Manager, NX Agency

Tell us what kind of consumers you need to hear from. We'll get back to you with feasibility and a cost estimate.

Define your audience.


We'll let you know when we've programmed your survey. We'll send it to you and let you take it. Once you approve, we'll launch!

Give the green light.


Send us your survey.

Your survey can be a Word doc or even just an email. The point is, we will program and host your survey to make things easy for you.


How It Works


Your survey should field in a few days. We'll clean the data, then send you a dashboard showing how consumers answered.

Data dashboard.

survey target respondents

Millions of real-world


tons of targeting

Precise demographic & behavioral targeting

survey chart

Actionable and easy-to-understand insights

Surveying your target market has never been this easy.

Your questions, quality responses, no minimum purchase. That's it. No expensive consultants or confusing survey platforms. Just ask the right questions - we'll take care of the rest.

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