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PeopleFish™ empowers you to survey your target market. Your questions, real-world consumers, data-driven insights.

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How It Works

PeopleFish makes it easy to survey real consumers in your target market. Rather than waste time & money on confusing survey apps, just tell us who you’re targeting and we’ll take over from there.

We will edit and enhance your survey questions, program and host it for you, then field it to qualified respondents who fit your targeting criteria. When your survey is done fielding, we’ll present findings in a way you can understand.

Clean & Clear Reporting

When your survey is done fielding, we’ll send you an interactive dashboard of your survey results. This easy-to-read report highlights major trends in your findings and makes it easy to see how people answered your questions.

We can also cut and segment your results, to help you dive deeper into your data and make better, data-driven decisions.

Real-world Respondents for Every Kind of Survey

Our survey solutions empower professionals across industries to field their own unique survey to the right consumers.
Market research has never been this easy.


Concept Validation, Consumer Demand, Market Sizing, Competitor Analysis

Product Managers

Pricing Research, Competitor Analysis, Product/Market Fit, Consumer Habits


Brand Awareness, Market Segmentation, Message Testing, Consumer Attitudes

Students & Academics

Niche Populations, Demographic Data, Lifestyle & Behavioral, Political Polling

Designed for startups, trusted by

More than 300 companies and startups use PeopleFish to survey their target market. Leave your email below to get started.

This is the second survey project we’ve launched with PeopleFish. Once again, we walked away extremely impressed with their guidance, support, and overall delivery of the project. We’ll be back for more!

Brett Stapper

Brett Stapper

CEO | Front Lines Media

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