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🚀 Startups

Concept Validation
Consumer Demand
Market Sizing
Competitor Analysis

👨‍💻️ Product Managers

Pricing Research
Competitor Analysis
Product/Market Fit
Consumer Habits

📢 Marketers

Brand Awareness
Market Segmentation
Message Testing
Consumer Attitudes

👨‍🎓️ Students & Academics

Niche Populations
Demographic Data
Lifestyle & Behavioral
Political Polling

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Our process empowers trailblazers and entrepreneurs with real-world insights that drive game-changing innovation.

Our team will enhance your survey project, program & host your questionnaire, then gather responses from qualified people who fit your targeting criteria. We’ll present findings in a way you can understand.

“Bright, flexible, professional. PeopleFish is our go-to market research firm.”

Ken Lee

Ken Lee

Director | Bissell Homecare

“Extremely impressed with their guidance, support, and overall delivery. We’ll be back!”

Brett Stapper

Brett Stapper

CEO | FrontLines Media

“Insightful thinking partners in all aspects of the survey research process.”

Pamela Meyer

Pamela Meyer

CEO | Meyer Creativity

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