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Market research starts here.

We empower innovators to survey real-world consumers. Your survey, quality responses, no minimum purchase.

PeopleFish makes it easy to survey your target market. Rather than waste time & money with confusing survey apps, just tell us who you're targeting and we'll take over from there. Use your own survey, or have us help you design the right one.

Launching a business?

New product or service idea?

Research study on a niche market?

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We can target respondents on dozens of specific demographic variables to help you survey the right people, right away.

Use your survey

High-quality responses

Fast turnaround

With PeopleFish, there’s no need to figure out complex, technical survey platforms. We'll program & host your survey so you can focus on asking the right questions.

PeopleFish respondents are real people with real answers to your questions. We can prove it – request a log file to see when & where your survey was taken.

Easy survey build

Deep-dive Targeting

PeopleFish respondents includes more than one million people worldwide. This means you’ll have your answers in no time.

Quality responses

Quick turnaround

tons of targeting

Simply tell us what kind of consumers you're targeting. We'll send you a quote, and will make recommendations on keeping costs down.

Getting started is free.

Our consumer network includes millions of real people from around the globe. Your survey will be laser-targeted to those you need to hear from the most - people with nuanced and informed perspectives on your product or service idea.

Targeted surveys

High-quality feedback

We require high thresholds for response quality - the same as any enterprise-level panel provider. We host & field surveys with transport level security (TLS), and all respondents are digitally "fingerprinted" to weed out fraudulent responses. The result: high-quality answers you (and your investors) can trust.


Talk to us. Tell us who you want to survey & whether you need help designing your questions.


Get a quote. We'll look things over & send a quote. Once you approve this, we launch!

Get answers. You'll have survey answers from real consumers in no time. Now let's launch another!


Getting started is easy.

We're on a mission.

For too long, professional market research has been affordable only for the biggest companies in established industries. We're changing that.

At PeopleFish, we believe every entrepreneur and marketer deserves the chance to hear from consumers. To "test the waters" and validate their ideas with real-world consumer feedback.

So we make it easy. Your questions, quality responses, no minimum purchase. That's it. No expensive consultants, confusing survey platforms, or stacks of confusing raw data. Just ask the right questions - we'll take care of the rest.

There's no additional cost to host your own survey - pay only for complete responses. But we're standing by to help with any hosting or programming needs!


DIY Survey Research



Our Plans


Program & host your own survey, and pay only for high-quality responses.

We'll program & host your survey, and display results in a dynamic dashboard.

PeopleFish has changed the way we make decisions. No more guessing. Now we pitch questions to targeted consumers before any and every product launch.

Dan R. | VP Insights, NX Agency

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Stop guessing. Get real consumer feedback today.