About PeopleFish

For too long, professional market research has been affordable only for the biggest companies in established industries. We’re changing that.

At PeopleFish, we believe every entrepreneur and marketer deserves the chance to hear from consumers. To “test the waters” and validate their ideas with real-world consumer feedback.

So we make it easy. Your questions, quality responses, no minimum purchase. That’s it. No expensive consultants, confusing survey platforms, or stacks of confusing raw data. Just ask the right questions – we’ll take care of the rest.

PeopleFish was founded in 2016 and is based in Jacksonville, FL. We’re a trusted market research partner for startups and corporations around the world, including:

Our Founder

Nick Freiling
Research Director/CEO

Nick started PeopleFish in 2016 to bring high-quality, innovative market research to startups.

Nick and his team have helped hundreds of startups around the world field high-impact market research studies, enabling them to launch products and services consumer LOVE. He’s a regular speaker on subjects surrounding surveys, market research, and branding.

Nick is a husband and father of four. When he’s not busy strategizing with startups, he’s playing piano or exploring North Florida beaches with his kids.

“Since I founded PeopleFish in 2016, we’ve partnered with more than 500 teams and surveyed more than 1 million consumers. Our insights empower innovators to make the right decisions with real-world consumer insights.”

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