Introducing PeopleFish DIY

Since they day I founded PeopleFish in 2016, our goal has been to make high-quality market research easy and affordable for anyone—startups, in particular.

I’m proud to say we’ve accomplished that goal.

With more than 400 clients and more than 2 million consumers surveyed, we’ve changed the game for startup founders around the world. No more guessing. No more failed product launches. Our market research solutions make it possible for anyone to get the consumer feedback they need to launch a successful startup.

Well…not anyone.

You see, one of my biggest regrets is not having a solution for solopreneurs, freelancers, and the earliest-of-stage founders who have amazing product (and service) ideas, but can’t afford our minimum project fee (let alone the cost of survey responses). While we’ve made market research more affordable than ever, thousands—even millions—of entrepreneurs around the world just don’t have the funding to engage with us, or any market research provider. But I know from personal experience that even a small consumer survey would improve these innovators’ odds of success ten-fold, and change their lives in the process.

So today, all of that changes.

I’m excited to announce PeopleFish DIY—the fastest and most affordable way to get high-quality consumer feedback on your startup idea. It works like this:

  1. Visit
  2. Target your audience (age, gender, income and region)
  3. Write your survey questions (up to four, or use our templates)
  4. Submit, pay, and get a report back same-day—300 high-quality responses to your survey.

All of this for $199. A professional survey, targeted to the right audience, 300 high-quality responses, delivered same-day.

That’s it. Super simple. Targeted, professional research at a cost lower than ever before.

Now, who exactly is this for? Entrepreneurs, yes. But it’s really a market research tool for anyone. The platform empowers any kind of innovator to test ideas and discover right away what people really think. Examples:


Test product messaging
Measure brand awareness
Uncover consumer needs

Product Managers

Identify in-demand features
Gauge product demand
Test product/feature names


Gather supporting data
Gauge public opinion
Generate charts/graphs


Validate a new business idea
Size your market
Measure willingness-to-pay


Measure consumer sentiment
Validate secondary research
Poll niche populations


Gather data for a project
Discover research gaps
Support papers with research

One of the most common questions we’ve been asked so far is “Where do these responses come from? How can I trust this data?”

The short answer there is that we’re using the same high-quality sources of respondents that we use for any other project. PeopleFish DIY questions are fielded through the same exact panels used by the world’s biggest and best brands. And we employ robust data cleaning tools to make sure any fraudulent or poor-quality responses are removed from your final report.

Video tutorials on on their way, but the tool is easy to use. Try it out today. Oh, and use this coupon code for 50% (valid through the end of July 2021).