Professional market research for anyone.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a growing startup, we’ve got something that works for you.


Get quick feedback on your idea from 300 real people today.


DIY concept validation and product-market fit for marketers and idea-stage entrepreneurs.

  • Pitch your idea, and ask up to 4 follow-up questions
  • Survey 300 people*
  • Target consumers by country, age, gender & income
  • We’ll optimize your survey pre-launch
  • Same-day results

*add more responses later (optional)


We’ll design, field, and analyze a professional survey for you.


Specific, data-driven answers for startups, product managers, and marketing teams.

  • We’ll help you design a powerful questionnaire
  • We’ll program, host and field your survey
  • Unlimited sample size*
  • Target any audience with custom demographic & behavioral screeners
  • In-depth analysis of survey results
  • Ongoing consult with our experts

*Cost for responses added to fee


Can I get the raw data from my survey?

Absolutely! Just let us know via email after you get your dashboard report. We’ll send you a raw data spreadsheet.

Will I pay for low-quality responses?

No! We clean your dataset before delivering your report, and you will only pay for completed, high-quality responses to your survey.

Do you offer subscription pricing?

Yes, but on a case-by-case basis. Schedule a call above and we’re happy to discuss this in more detail.

How do you protect my idea and survey data?

While we see your survey questionnaire and any media you upload, we don’t share this with any third-party. All your data is encrypted and we’ll delete it upon request. And we’re happy to sign an NDA.

Can I get a white-label report to deliver to our own clients?

Absolutely! Just let us know you’d like a white-labeled report when you check out, and we’ll accommodate. We do this all the time.

What’s your return policy?

We don’t charge you for survey responses fall below our quality thresholds. If you’re unhappy with your project, we will do our best to resolve it by re-fielding. Refunds are rare and a last-resort.

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Casey Meehan

CEO | Epic Presence

“All of the objectives we hoped to achieve through this project were met. We enjoyed working with PeopleFish™—they added tremendous value throughout the project. I will gladly engage them again.”


Jenny S.

Founder | Stealth Startup

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Brett Stapper

CEO | Frontlines Media

“Insightful thinking partners in all aspects of the survey research process. I highly recommend PeopleFish™.”


Pamela Meyer

CEO | Meyer Creativity

“PeopleFish™ did a fantastic job facilitating a complicated data collection process! They were very responsive and came up with creative solutions for problems. Will be back!”


Eric S.

Professor | Stanford

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