Response Quality


PeopleFish respondents are real people with real opinions about your survey questions.

That said, our clients understandably have questions about where their respondents are coming from, and how we source them.

Bottom Line

The short story is this: We partner with powerful enterprise-level panel exchanges around the world, leveraging long-standing relationships and high business volume to minimize per-response costs for our clients. Each one of these panel providers has undergone strict third-party quality controls, and is continually subject to further quality tests and scoring by market research industry leaders. That said, your survey is being fielded through the same panel providers used by the biggest and best market research firms.

The Details

When we field your survey, it’s sent to hundreds of panel providers, any one (or more) of which may send respondents to your survey. The particular provider feeding your survey depends on several things, including your targeting criteria and the length of your survey.

These panel providers don’t ever see your company’s name, and won’t ever review your survey unless they deem something about the questions breaches their terms of use. These sorts of reviews are exceedingly rare, as the PeopleFish team personally reviews every one of our clients surveys.

Every person who attempts to take your survey does so via a link provided to them by one of our partnering panel providers. When they first enter the survey, they are assigned a unique ID by that panel provider, as well as a meta-ID that identifies them, through digital fingerprinting, across multiple panel providers. This meta-ID prevents any respondent from entering your survey more than once.

Respondents are compensated for their time spent taking the survey according to terms set forth between them and the panel provider with which they have engaged. PeopleFish itself does not compensate respondents, and we cannot increase or decrease the level of compensation provided to a particular set of respondents. Those decisions and determinations are entirely outside of our control.

How are Respondents Recruited?

We partner with a diversity of suppliers, each with their own set of recruitment & sourcing methodologies. This method ensures that PeopleFish panels are not overly reliant or dependent on any particular demographic or segment of the population. Our supply partners include double opt-in panels, publishing networks, social media, and other types of online communities. However, the vast majority of our respondents originate from double opt-in suppliers.

Respondents are sourced from a variety of methods including: Ads and promotions across various digital networks, search, word of mouth and membership referrals, social networks, online and mobile games, affiliate marketing, banner ads, offerwalls, TV and radio ads, and offline recruitment with mail campaigns.

All of our respondent (sample) supplier’s sampling methods are governed by a third-party sample quality measurement & ranking program that ensures high quality human answers for market researchers seeking accurate insights. This party’s method for evaluating sample suppliers is grounded in three essential elements of survey sampling: quality, consistency, and acceptance. Scores are calculated from user data, results and a set of benchmarking modules designed in concert with four of the top five market research companies and coordinated through DM2.