Reviews & Testimonials

Since 2016, we’ve partnered with more than 300 startups and companies around the world. More than one-third of these clients come back for additional projects.

Here are some of our favorite client testimonials.

I highly recommend PeopleFish. Very well experienced and highly responsive. I’m very pleased with the output of the surveys they administered for us and we look forward to working with PeopleFish again!


Amy M.

Managing Director | AHRI

This is the second survey we’ve done with PeopleFish and once again – we walked away extremely impressed with their guidance, support, and overall delivery of the project. Closing this project out but will be back again soon!


Brett S.

CEO | Front Lines Media

PeopleFish did a fantastic job facilitating a complicated data collection process! They were very responsive and came up with creative solutions for problems. Will be back!


Eric S.

Professor | Stanford University

PeopleFish was an absolute pleasure to work with – personable, smart, experienced team who made our project better and faster than we could do ourselves. I look forward to working with them again.



CMO | Medical Alert

PeopleFish was excellent, exceeding my expectations. They quickly grasped the objective of the project, provided a foundational market research template, suggested insightful consumer questions, executed the research in a timely fashion, and provided an outstanding analysis and report of the results. I found their team to be bright, flexible, and professional. PeopleFish is our go-to market research firm.


Ken L.

Director | BISSELL Homecare

All of the objectives we hoped to achieve through this project were met. We enjoyed working with PeopleFish and found that they added tremendous value throughout the project. I will gladly engage them again.



Founder/CEO | Stealth Startup

PeopleFish are not only skilled analysts and data visualization experts, but an insightful thinking partner in all aspects of the survey development and deployment process. We are continuing our work with them as we collect and analyze more data and strategize how to communicate it to our clients. I highly recommend PeopleFish.


Pamela M.

CEO | Meyer Creativity