What Does Startup Market Research Actually Look Like?

”Don’t go to market before doing market research.”

Aspiring entrepreneurs hear that all the time. But what does this actually mean? Does every startup do market research? Is market research realistic for a startup with a small budget, little-to-no marketing team, and no product prototypes?

Here’s our Founder’s outline for startup market research projects, based on years of experience running surveys and focus groups for companies large and small. This is the lowest-cost way to validate your business concept before going to market, and wow investors in the process.

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How to Design your First Market Research Survey

At the end of the day, entrepreneurs need consumer data. Investors simply won’t trust your gut. Nor should you.

That said, the first big step toward turning your product or service idea into a sound business concept, and ultimately toward wowing investors, is market research. And the bottom line is that your first market research survey should answer three very specific questions.

In this Startup Grind article, our Founder Nick Freiling identifies these three questions, and explains how to design a basic, first-pass market research survey to test & validate your product idea.

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